A meeting...

  I found myself in a beautiful summer afternoon in an artist studio in Beauvais, at Céline Dupont. I had heard about it from a friend,

  and I was looking for an artist to exhibit in the Basque country for the summer.

  "Come and see, it's really interesting had she told me ... Beauvais? yes but still you have to go!"

  Here we are before her door, ding dong, very blue eyes, very dense and wide warm smile welcome us.

  Beware of cats ...

  We go through the house, a sunny courtyard to arrive in his studio ... and then the time is suspended!

  Some vestiges of the past, its colorful ceramics, Vallauris, some of his paintings hung, a self-portrait, a mural,

  we are at the heart of creation, Celine tells us his story ...

  10 years ceramics, ingratitude of matter, the turn, enamelling, repeated efforts to reach a form of artistic perfection ...

  and then one day it switches, Why? We should ask what would be interesting,

  in fact a kind of culmination in his artistic exploration, a move it move on... and she happily transposes

  all knowledge acquired through patience and years for expression 2D.

  That is why we plunges into his paintings like in 3D.


  She opened the chilled champagne, some bubbles and go:

  L’architecte, En attente, Moment pastellisé, Suis moi, Etrange histoire, Confessions rouillées, Différence, Super, J’arrive, O…

  meaningful titles, each painting has a story, a moment of his life Translated by the mix of materials and technical,

   oil, pastel, acrylic, varnish and pigments used up slips ceramic transpose it on these paintings.


  She paints as she is, as she lives, simply and what characterizes it is authenticity, being right,

  the pretense she does not know. Retranslated it our mistakes, our hesitations, our emotions, our gropings,

  she is indignant with Charlie, gets angry, calms, softens, great delicacy, subtlety, intimacy revealed in "Je me cache"

  Not Celine is not a rebel, flayed and screaming, it's just true, it does not please at all costs.

  She just wants to be what it is without judgment, exaggeration bored!

  There is Japanese style, subtlety in his paintings that could be taken from the current Zao Whou-Ki, a lyrical abstraction! !

  It takes us to a form of weightlessness, a true delight for the eyes, it goes further, it touches our soul...

  Thanks Céline !

  Pascale Abadie

   Photograph: Anne Lise Larcher